vineri, 1 iulie 2011

One thing that I really appreciate about a person

There is one quality that I will always appreciate about a person.Do you know that persons who say that will do a thing , or will do you a favour , and after a while , they really do ? Well , those persons are in a million..They are very rare and I happen to know one. He is a very special person to me , who is about to do something that he promised he would , but who I never thought he would really do it because I've been promised that since I was 12 years old but it never happened and know this person made it happen , knowing how much this means to me.

Everywhere I look , I see people who say lots of things , but do nothing.And this guy here gave me the hope that there are still some persons who keep their promises. Last year when he told me and actually promised me that he would make this dream of mine become real , I was like: Yeah sure you all say that but..thanks...And now that he kept his promise I feel proud of him and I got to know him better.

There is another case around here that really disappoints me. This guy always said that he will call when he's in town just to check on us , but he never did.He's too busy? I used to believe that and lie to myself but come on ... how busy can you be ? In fact...he's on holiday...and too busy to give a call ... But it's fine .

So you guy out there , I LOVE YOU for keeping your promises :*

Ps: I'm proud of you , and don't worry , it's going to be ok , it always is because there is something you don't know : I always get what I want sooner or later..and now it's "later" because last year it was not possible. Yes , you're the person I am talking about ! :*

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