miercuri, 29 iunie 2011


A - girl
B - boy

B: Hey....what's with that face of yours ?
A: Whaa'? Nothing...
B: Come on...you know you can tell me  
A: Oke...ask me "What's wrong?"
B: But I just did...
A: Ask me again!!!
B: Oke...What's wrong?
A: Nothing's wrong everything it's just GREEAT!!!!!!! Can't you seee?!!!!!
B: Em I wouldn't say that judging after your nervosity..
A: UUGH I am not nervous but how can you ask something like this I mean HELLOOO isn't it OBVIOUS that something is clearly wrong?!
B: Yes it it! That's why I asked you!!!
A: Oh..! Well listen to me and you'd better listen to me for good! THIS is bad , THOSE are right , THESE are horrible and THAT  is mine!
B: .....oke....what are you talking about gosh YOU ARE CRAZY! YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND FOR REAL! What's that and this and these and those and whateveeer?!
A: Gosh boys are so..soo....UUUGH I HATE YOU! LISTEN: THIS is our situation / THOSE are my feelings for you / THESE are the things between us right now and THAT is your heart!! GOT IT?!
B: I don't know what to say...
A: HUH...ofcourse you don't! This is just whaat guys do! They don't do anything! They don't know what to say or do!!! You're like a ...an...a scared puppy in a big world!
B: Well..the world is big..
A: UUH gosh can;t you see ?! CAN'T YOU SEE? Everything you say is wrong , everything you do turns into a DISASTER , you have no dreams , you don't sleep , you don't eat , and it seems like you can't even see me anymore gosh what's wrong with you?! YOU DO NOTHING! And still..I LOVE YOU! But I can't forget what you told me and what you did to me!
B: Well...it's complicated..you're right....Everything I say it's wrong because everything YOU say captures my mind and it just blocks me..everything I do turns into a disaster because YOU do everything better than me , I have no dreams because I only dream of you , I can't sleep sometimes because I can't stop thinking about how can I get you back , I don't eat because everything inside of me misses you even my stomach , I can't even see you sometimes because I feel so bad for what I did that I don't even want to see you because I feel like I will mess it up again...What's wrong with me? My heart has been killed and you're my only cure..
A: Now you make me cry come over here! We're fine..I love you! That's what counts! Let's get trough all that together..
B: Very well .Love u too.

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