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The secret

The Secret is the film which turned my life around in a way I never thought was possible.Its main focus is on how our thoughts can influent our whole existence.Furthermore , it explains how a simple thought can attract different situations.

Firstly , a thought is a signal sent by our brain to the Universe.The Universe immediately receives it and transforms it into a situation or an action.For example , if I really want an apple pie right now but I don't have the ingredients but at the same time I cannot stop imagining how it would  look and taste my pie if I had everything I need , it is very possible that something might come in the way and make my pie magically appear.For example , my neighbor or a friend could come over and bring an apple pie as a gift.The main idea is that when you desire something so much that you cannot stop thinking about it , somehow it comes to you.It can happen in 10 minutes , one day ore one month , but in the end it will happen if you wish for it enough.

Secondly , we all see people who are constantly frustrated or really stressed.They keep complaining that their lives are miserable , that they have too many payments or that their salaries are too low.If I tell you that all of this is their own fault , you wouldn't believe me.When your only thoughts are bound to the fact that you have too much work to do for example , the Universe will receive it as a wish for more work and as a consequence to this , you schedule will get busier and busier.We have to start being grateful for what we have and thankful that we can carry everything on our shoulders.Whether you are tired or stressed , just remember that you have to stay positive in order to attract good things into your life.As long as you keep thinking at the bad side of your life , you will only attract bad situations or events.Let's say that you are not tremendously happy with your job and you would love to be promoted.You won't have a chance if you complain everyday of how others get promoted and you don't , even if you have a better qualification.Instead , you could say to yourself : «I have all the qualifications required and I can work really hard, in fact this is what I do everyday.Maybe is not my time to get the promotion , I should be happy that I am healthy and that I have a job.When the time will come , it will happen. » If you say this to yourself and keep visualizing how it would be like if you had been promoted , your chances will raise considerably.

All of these situations are explained by philosophers and psychologists who give their own examples in the movie.They all say how this secret has changed their lives and how it can change yours if you stop complaining and start wishing from the heart.

I will now give my example of how this movie changed my life.Ever since I was a little girl , I wanted to have a nice group of friends.During the first years of school , this did not happen.It was even worse , I was been bullied by my classmates and nobody has ever appreciated me.Everyday I was dreaming to be the person people say Hi to and asked to hang out or have lunch.This did not happen for a really long time.However , the first day of high school came and I was freaking out , but I had the same wish.There was the first day of high school : new people , new location and new teachers and let's not forget , a new me.I wanted to be different I wanted to change myself in order to be accepted.And there I was , standing with a shy expression on my face in my classroom with people I did not know , and guess what...They chose me to be their leader.They didn't even know who I was , they didn't even talk to me.But somehow , they have all voted for me.After this wonderful day , my wish slowly came true. What we all have to understand is that we make our own miracles and that they can take a long time , but if we wish for them enough they will eventually happen.

All in all , this is a film I recommend to anyone craving for a change in their lives.It helps you understand that your life is in your own hand and that you can make it as beautiful as you want it to be , with just your thoughts.Complaining will never bring you good things , it will only enrich the bad in your life.

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