marți, 7 ianuarie 2014


Ohh I keep seeing posts which have a tendency of encouraging people to give up hope and love and everything that is GOOD in this life just because they have been disappointed by someone or something or by their own person.
You guys really need to stop doing this.Can’t you see that you are making it WORSE? It’s like telling a kid not to do a thing -> he will surely do it just to prove you wrong or piss you off. Get your shit together.
We are all BROKEN in some way. Nobody’s problems get solved by themselves and NO ONE’S APPARENTLY PERFECT LIFE is actually perfect because there is no such thing.There is always something missing,  we just have to learn to live with it.And even if someone has a BETTER life than you do , it doesn’t mean that they just sit in front of TV and their lives got better.They did something FOR THEMSELVES.You cannot change anything , you can only change the way you see and understand things.
We all get attached to unsecure things that might not even be there the next day.But this is what makes us HUMANS.
Stop telling people that once they’re broken they cannot be fixed.Come on it’s not the end of the world.Life goes on , we just have to find a way to make everything work in spite of that one think that broke us which is not there anymore.I know best what is like to feel that there is nothing good left out there.But there is , and with a little effort you can find it.Find that one thing in music , friends , nature , light , flowers , sports , anything and hold on to it and there you have it. Those are the moment in which you find your true self.Once you find yourself , you have everything. Find out what you like , what you care about most , what you enjoy doing , what are the things you appreciate most at a person , anything that has to do with YOU and only you.
So guys , please , don’t encourage that kind of negative thinking.You are really not being helpful.

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