duminică, 17 aprilie 2011

The Ugly Truth

I am too young to say I love you
I don’t even know the meaning
I have never felt this
And it won’t happen too soon

I am too imature to say I need you
I think I can handle all this on my own
I think life is easy
I think that everythink it’s in colors

I am too full of myself to say I miss you
I think I can be alright on my own
I think that music is all I need

I am too naïve to admit that I’ve lost you
I think you’ll be mine forever
I think that I always get the best of it
Even tough  , I don’t

I am too hypocritical to admit that I had you
Because , in the end i’ve lost you
And admiting something true it’s hard
And it’s not for anyone , surely not for me

I am too childish to tell you I don’t want you anymore
Because I don’t know how to say what I feel and think
Without someone getting hurt
Really hurt...

I am too selfish to push you away
Because I know I still need you in a way or another
Even if you’re not that guy from the movies
Who come to apologise for something that they didn’t do
With a teddy bear and a big paper on which is written : I love you

I am too confused to make a choice
And decide what it’s good and bad
I can’t see the ones who love me
I  see those who hurt me most
And still have feelings for them

I am too lost in this world to find a path
On which I can walk safely
Without getting hurt
Or loosing my way

I am too blind to see that you still love me
But , in some way , I don’t really care
Because I can’t feel anything
But in another way I care
Because I know I don’t diserve it

I am too fake to admit that I am wrong
Because I always see the good part of the story
And I try to ignore the bad one
Even tough it hurts people around me

I am the most complicated girl you have ever met and it’s better for you to stay away from me ‘cause all I do is hurt people , without even noticing…yes I accept my life as it is…yes I think it is beautiful…yes I know some things are not worthed and I know that I shouldn’t feel like this and I know that all of you think: Oh well…she is just another suffering teenager…Well yes maybe I am , but I don’t want to be that ordinary angry teenager , but sometimes I just can’t help it…
I had this on my mind all day  , and I felt like I should get rid of  it..

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