duminică, 15 mai 2011

Da Dam

When you're down
Get up , Get up
When you're mad
Don't worry it's not that bad
If you cry , think if it's worthed
I can tell you something , it usually isn't
When something it's wrong
Try and make it right
It won't hurt , it will only get better
When everyone is sad , be the only one who's laughing
When you're lonely
Talk to yourself , cause in this world no one cares so much about you , maybe just if they have a reason to
When outside it's raining and there are clouds all over the sky
Go out , scream and sing and jump in the rain
When all your friends tell you what a miserable life they have
Tell them that we all live the same life so it depends on how you want your life to be because you can always make it better
If someone tells you that you can't , turn around and say: duude...come and watch me!
When you're in a fight , start flirting...it will get better
If someone tells you they don't like your haircut...they're jealous...
In the end , if life looks bad , look into your mirror , because it's all your fault...

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