duminică, 10 aprilie 2011

Pff ganduri si idei amestecate

The story of us doesn’t have a start
I was a simple depressed girl
Looking after boys who weren’t for her

You were the boy who was trying to be nice
You thought that we belong together

Held my hand , kept me warm
You knew the things that I adore

I don’t even know if I really like you
I don’t even know whereI belong to
When you say you love me I know you lie
When you try to help me , it only makes me feel worse

Touch me , I won’t feel it
Kiss me , nothing’s changed
Look at me , I feel invisible
Hold me into your arms , I’ll be cold

Now I feel like I want to be alone
Able to be crazy without you judging me
Able to scream without you saying it’s wrong
There are many things you think you know about me
And there are many things you’ll never know

Our love is like holding an ice cube
You can hold it for a minute
But then it melts away
And all that it’s left is some cold water

Everytime we fight
I want to go away and disappear
Everytime you say you’re sorry
I just want to scream

Everytime when I’m with you
I just keep seeing other guys
But I know they’re not for me

Complimenting me all the time
I thought I see sparks fly
But I realize I don’t feel anything
I’m not made for love

I just wanna scream and dance
Party with all my friends
French kissing on the floor
Feeling like I never did before
Without thoughts , just letting go

I wanna let everything behind
Being myself with no second-thoughts
Baby if they ask me if I care
You’ll see I don’t
Because in the end no one does

The minute you come right next to me
I just can’t see you
I can’t explain it no more

I used to want a love story
In which sparks fly and there’s magic in the air
But all this romance is not for me

Being bad it’s just so good
You won’t get hurt , you’ll have some fun
It’s the age of crazyness
So let’s take our clothes off
And party like we never did before

Look at me , it’s just myself
You’ve never seen me like this
Accept it or not
I’m on the right track
Baby this is my way

Saying dirty words won’t affect me
Seeing you cry won’t touch me
You’ll just seem weak , just how you are

If we could sit for a moment
And talk about what we never did before
You’ll see there’s nothing left to say
And there’s no point

Go to hell , I’ll meet you there
Close your eyes , you’ll see I’m there
Deep inside of you , there’s  a fighting beast
And it gets stronger than you and I could ever know
I intend to disappear
So don’t try to feel me
I intend to fill the sky
With the crazyness inside my life

I can be anywhere
No one can find me
Open your eyes and see
I’m not here for you
Like you weren’t for me

There’s just one thing I want
Being big , dreaming a lot
Having faith in what counts
You don’t like it , that’s ok

You’re afraid of the dark , well I live there
You don’t like heights , well there’s my heart
You can’t go out all by yourself
Well there is where you find me

Both alone in the dark
I choose to sleep
You think of something else

If I was a cake , would you be my sugar?
If I was a teardrop , would you be my smile?
We dream lovely things but we’ll both gonna wake up soon

Come and take me away
If you’re not too scared
Do you think you can do this?
Because I know you can’t

Deep inside of me , there’s a shining star
And it gets brighter when you’re not around
Deep inside of me , there’s a playing child
And it get’s silent everytime you say a word

It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay with you than with myself
Cause you just keep me on the red light
You make me feel like I can’t
When I know I can

I’d like to make myself believe
That I can be myself when I’m with you
It’s hard to say that I’d rather choose you than loneliness
But everything it’s harder than it seems

Look at your past
You’ll see I’m history
Look in the mirror
You’ll see my scars on your face

We’re all cave in when we think too much
But you just can’t help it sometimes
So I choose to take myself away and live my age

At 15 you don’t need a boyfriend
You just need some fun
Partying and taking pictures with your friends
There is nothing more

There are good things in my future
Won’t let them go
Just because you can’t make your life happier

I can’t make you be like me
And I don’t even want you to

If my intentions are bad
Then stab me in the back
If my thoughts are too black
Then pour me some ice in my heart
If my heart’s too cold
Then make in your soul

I’m coming home this night
There’s gonna be just me myself and I
You can’t call me , cause I won’t answer
Everything I do is for our best

We’re always complaining
So imam do it my way
You’ll be alone just you and yourself
There is no curse or magic
That can make me feel different
Cause myself is back

I’ve lost my pixie dust for a moment
Sparks are back , wings are ready
I’m gonna fly to the moon and back
You can watch me if you want
And I’ll feel proud

You're the thorn in my flash that I can't take out
You left like a deep scar in me
And it won't heal until you're gone
And you're sitting in the front row
Wanting to be the first one

What do you do when you're stuck
What do you do when your head's in two places
You feel love but you just can't accept it
Maybe you found the right one 
At the wrong time

You can wait by my window all night
Even tough I know you won't
It won't change a thing
But this way I'll see you care

The stars are there to kiss you
I just lie awake and think of you
I don't know if my thoughts are good or bad
But I know they make me sad

As many times as I blink
I'll think that everything it's fine
But I know it can't be
Because there is no me when I'm with you

When I see you there's no feeling
When I kiss you , there's no emotion
When you call me , I feel like you interupt me from something
This is not what I am looking for
And I think it's the same for you

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